Flow Right Plumbing, Heating and Irrigation, Inc. is a certified fabricator and welding service provider in Pueblo, Colorado. After bringing years of experience in plumbing and expertise for customers, our company ventured into the welding industry too with an aim to offer the best fabrication, installation and welding services in this area.

Whether our customers are looking for custom welding or metal fabrication, we now offer all type of industrial and residential welding service for our clients. Our welding specialist team works with all types of metals and offer everything from custom metal artwork to railing and custom gate designing to metal fabrication.

Welding Services We Provide

  • Arc
  • MIG
  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Gas Piping, Steam Piping, and Water Piping systems – Design, fabrication, and installation
  • Structural Steel, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel – Layout, design, fabrication, and installation
  • Mobile, on-site welding
  • Ornamental modification – Fabrication and installation
  • Custom fabrication
  • Business security
  • Trailer repairs, hitches, bumpers, roll bars
  • Custom gates

Our Techniques

Our team works on projects involving stick and MIG welding techniques, Arc, TIG, and Stick welding techniques. Our team includes experienced and highly-qualified welders who are familiar with all types of welding techniques. Each of our professional welders are trained and fully certified in industrial welding and all types of welding techniques.

Based on our customers’ requirements and project needs, our welding team will create a plan, decide on the design and work on the timeline before finalizing the budget to fit each our customer’s unique project framework. Our dedicated welding team will always assist you throughout the project and even after the project completion.

Flow Right’s specialist welding team is experts in both diagnostics and repairs. With the help of their expertise and latest welding techniques, they offer a variety of welding services such as gas line installation, steam piping, structural steel layout and custom metal fabrication, metal gate designing and installation and welding work.

If you have something unique in mind, let our team know. Our experts will work with you closely in order to help you in designing the dream project for you based on your need, budget and time.

How It Works

A majority of our work involves custom fabrication which means working with a type of metal and making it to a shape based on the customers’ requests.

Whether it is a pipe-based welding project or a custom gate, our team performs a variety or fabrication and welding techniques while working with the metal. Our qualified team is highly experienced and aware of the application of metal fabrication in oilfield, medical, industrial and commercial fields.

Stainless Steel Fabrication:

Our team works with structural, carbon and stainless steel and provides services like steel fabrication and sheet metal fabrication services. We manage everything from designing to installation using a variety of metals and as per our customers’ project needs.

Pipe Fabrication:

It is one of the most important and demanding welding services among all. As we take a number of plumbing projects, our plumbing team works closely with our welding specialists to carry out the pipe fabrication work. During most piping installation, our team performs pipe fabrication technique to cut, shape and join metal pipes as desired.

Our team uses some of the highest quality and automatic welding machines to complete such critical fabrication work that sometimes involves intricate pipe fabrication jobs. Before we complete the project, each of our fabrication work is thoroughly checked and inspected so that our clients get the strongest welds possible.

Field Service Fabrication:

We understand that many welding and plumbing projects need field fabrication services. That’s why our team also offer onsite and field service fabrication too with a team of our experienced and master welders.

Platforms and Railing:

Whether it is a residential project or a commercial welding project, we offer custom fabrication for platforms, railing and side rails. Our team ensures to provide you the best, sturdiest and safest railings. Our team also ensures to use the best technique to create the type of railings and platforms that our customers need.

Custom Gates:

Some of our unique custom gate welding services include creating convenient and designer gate operator systems, main entry gate and lift gates, installation of barrier gates and automatic gate operator systems.


Some of our fabrication projects include custom iron fences, designer side rail, structures and carports, chain link and metal canopies.

What warranties and guarantees do you have?

We offer limited time warranty and guarantee on our services and products. We always aim at offering the best customer service to our clients. If you are unhappy with the product or service, let us know and we will do our best to make things right for you.

What does it cost?

Pricing varies greatly. Give us a call and we’ll provide you a quick and simple quote for our welding services based on the type, duration and intricacy of the project.