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Flow Right service technicians are among the best at refrigeration in Pueblo, CO. We’re trained and licensed to consistently provide a range of quality commercial refrigeration services. Our team has faithfully served the Southern Colorado market for decades. We provide quotes in writing and friendly, timely service. See how well our team can serve you.

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Refrigeration services

Flow Right offers a number of commercial repair services ranging from equipment repair and replacement, installation and cleaning, routine inspection and maintenance. We manage both commercial and residential clients and assist them with all types of refrigeration services that they are looking for.

Some of our top refrigeration services are outlined here.


The Flow Right refrigeration team handles all types of commercial refrigeration unit installation work. Our services are widely recognized in Southern Colorado for our best approach, world class service and impeccable work. We promise to offer the best quality product and service at any cost.

We offer residential refrigeration unit installation and replacement. Clients can contact us for custom quote or general questions regarding installation and our customer service team will be happy to assist.

Our team also handles all sorts of commercial refrigeration installation for clients in food service industry, restaurants, commercial kitchens and stadiums. We also install refrigeration units in medical and hospital facilities. Contact our team if you have anything specific in mind and we will be happy to assist. No matter what type of refrigeration unit you want to get installed, we pledge to offer the best services in a fast and professional manner.


Our specialist team is licensed to handle any size refrigeration unit. We repair even the smallest or the full-size commercial grade refrigeration unit. We install and repair residential, light and full-range commercial and new construction refrigeration units.

Our factory certified technicians know how to do their job right. We are properly licensed to perform industrial grade commercial refrigeration work, installation and repair. Some of our top commercial and repair services include:

  • Commercial refrigerator repair
  • Replacement of commercial ice makers
  • Repair and replacement of walk-in coolers
  • Repair and maintenance of freezers
  • Residential refrigeration unit repair
  • Residential refrigeration unit replacement

Some of our refrigeration system repairs also include plumbing and welding work as well. In such cases, our refrigeration team works closely with our plumbing and welding team to ensure that the job is done right, fast and perfectly.


While most refrigeration units need minor to major repair, some units may need a replacement if the damage is severe. Our team always inspects before making any suggestion on replacement and offers a written quote to customers. If our customers decide to opt for a system replacement, we install a new system as applicable.

If our customers need a repair of their refrigeration system, we analyze and find the best possible solutions to make the system fully efficient and running.

How does refrigeration work?

Refrigeration, as we all know, is a cooling process that uses a coolant or a refrigerant to remove excess heat from an environment, space or object by transferring the heat to another object. While residential refrigerators use a common chemical compound as the chief coolant, commercial and industrial grade refrigeration systems use mechanical compounds in addition to commercial coolants in order to transfer heat.

Most of the refrigeration system is a closed system where the refrigeration cycle occurs. Some of the common components of a refrigeration system are coolant, evaporator, condenser, compressor and a metering device. Each of these components is connected to one another through tubes so that they work efficiently during each refrigeration system.

In certain industrial grade refrigeration systems, there are extra components like chillers, low-temperature freezer, and comfort air-conditioning system, commercial cooling equipment, and refrigerants.’

The compressor discharges high pressure vapor through the discharge line into the condenser, which then transfers it to the receiver. Later, the high pressure liquid passes through the liquid line and reaches the metering device and enters the evaporator to change into the vapor state. This cool vapor then goes back to the compressor and the cycle starts again. This is the most common principle of any refrigeration cycle.

The number of metering devices in a refrigeration system also varies based on the size and the capacity of the system. These devices perform a vital function by regulating the coolants especially in their liquid state and transferring them into evaporator depending on the size of the equipment.

What brands do you service?

We always believe in offering the highest quality service and thus, we work only with industry’s top brands. At present, our team only handles and manages installation, replacement and repair services of commercial and residential refrigeration system by the United Refrigeration only. Contact our customer service team for any questions.

What warranties and guarantees do you have?

We believe in quality service and that’s why we offer guarantee and warranties. Our products have both manufacturers’ and service warranty. While we offer limited time service and system warranty, we will always be happy to assist you even after the warranty period. Contact our customer care for more information.

What does refrigeration in Pueblo CO cost?

Based on the service you choose and the type of system you want, we offer a quote. At present, we only handle repair, replacement and installation of systems from United Refrigeration only. The price of the installation or repair of the refrigeration system vary based on the length of the project, cost associated with the repair service and the intricacy of the work.