Furnace and Heating Services in Pueblo, CO

Flow Right takes pride in offering some of the best plumbing solutions and services in Pueblo, Colorado for 25+ years. After working in this field for years, our company started a new venture in 2008 in the field of HVAC installation and heating service niche.

We are a fully-licensed and experienced heating and AC installation, repair and maintenance company. Whether you are looking for a furnace clean up or an inspection of your heating and cooling system, contact us to book an appointment.

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What heating services are offered?

Flow Right offers a variety of HVAC services that include AC and heating installation, repair and replacement, maintenance, and inspection. Our experts offer both commercial and residential services for clients in and around Pueblo.

Our expert team at Flow Right brings the same expertise, experience and professionalism to heating and other HVAC services that we are renowned for when it comes to plumbing.

Our team offers assistance with a variety of residential or commercial HVAC system services including system repair, furnace check, inspection and cleaning.

For the last nine years, Flow Right has brought the excellent HVAC experience for all our customers in Pueblo. We will be happy to take up any new project that involves repair, replacement and development of new systems, installation of new heating and cooling system for new construction and in existing properties and remodeling projects that involves replacement or repair of heating and cooling systems.

Commercial Heating

Flow Right team specializes in commercial HVAC services that include heating system repair, furnace inspection and repair, and central heating system maintenance.

A heating system doesn’t work efficiently if it has faulty components, dirty furnace or a mechanical problem. Due to a problem in your heating system, you may end up paying a lot in energy bills.

Our HVAC specialists inspect and install new central heating systems, clean furnaces and repair faulty parts if any. We also take up new commercial projects that need a custom-tailored approach for installation of a new HVAC system. Our team handles everything from planning to designing and even offers post servicing assistance.

Residential Heating

Most of everyday clients look for residential HVAC and heating services and assistance. Our HVAC specialists offer maintenance and inspection plans. We understand the importance of emergency HVAC needs.

Thus, our special emergency team handles all types of urgent HVAC and heating system appointments 24/7. Our expert team will ensure to keep your home temperature regulated during the harsh cold season. Contact us today for a project estimate.

Heating Preventive Maintenance

It is very common among homeowners to ignore the importance of a routine maintenance check. With our routine heating preventive maintenance check, you can be assured that your HVAC system is working perfectly fine and doesn’t need any repair.

Our specialists also help clients understand that a tuned-up furnace is the key to an efficient heating system. The system maintenance check also includes routine inspection, cleaning and repair if needed.

Our team specializes in repairing, servicing and maintaining:

  • Electric heating system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Hydronic
  • And forced-air furnaces

Contact Us 24/7

Even a small problem in the heating system can lead to serious disaster and eventually breaking down your entire HVAC unit, and for that you and your family may have to face difficulties.

Therefore, we have a special team who addresses emergency services 24/7. Whether you want your AC system fixed or want to get the heating system replaced, our team will do everything to ensure you and your family’s comfort.

How does heating work?

The mechanism of a heating system resembles to any other heating appliance that uses a filament to produce heat, a fuel for combustion and a heat exchanging and distributing unit. Similarly, the heating system uses a furnace as the main heating component.

When the burner uses fuel for emitting energy, it produces heat and the heat exchanging unit then helps in transferring the heat energy. When cool air passes through the ducts around the heat exchanger, it absorbs heat from the system. Then, the hot air blows out of the heating system through the air ducts.

Every time the system takes in cool air that goes through the unit before passing through the heat exchanger and then getting circulated through the same air ducts.
There are three types of heating systems.

You can either choose gas-based, oil or hybrid based heating system as per your requirement. The hybrid system uses both fuel types for combustion and releasing heat.

In case you are planning to install a new heating system in your home, our HVAC specialist team will help you decide what type of heating system is suitable for your home.

What brands do you use and service?

Flow Right Team works with some of the highest quality products from only a handful of industry’s top brands. Here is a list of some of the most reputable brands that we trust and work with.

Brands We use and Service:

  • American Standard
  • Rinnai
  • Rheem
  • Burnham
  • Kohler
  • And Navien

What warranties and guarantees do you have?

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority. Therefore, we always stand by our customers even after the product sale and installation. We offer limited time warranties and guarantee on our product and services.

We have separate warranty plan for products, services and labor. Our company also has a separate system warranty on certain products.

What does it cost?

Depending on the type of service you choose, products you select and the labor cost associated with the work, we quote a price.

Our HVAC specialist team will offer you a quote first so that you can decide whether to go with our service or not. Contact our customer care team to learn more about pricing.