Flow Right Plumbing, Heating and Irrigation, Inc. is a full spectrum service provider for boiler and heating services in Pueblo, CO. We have a certified and licensed team who provide boiler repair, installation, replacement and development services for both residential and commercial clients and assist in projects including new constructions and remodeling.

With a consultative approach, our team works closely with each client and assists in boiler replacement and repair, designing and installation, and a complete maintenance support for any boiler or hot water system.

How does a boiler work?

Boilers use a fuel for combustion, which is usually a carbon based fuel, to produce heat energy. Although you use an electric switch to operate the system, the electricity actually helps the gas valves to open so that the combustion fuel can enter the system through small jets.

Once set slight, the gas produces heat that is then taken in by the heat exchanger tubes in order to heat the water in the boiler. An electric pump inside the boiler helps in circulating water through the radiators and pipes.

Boiler Services

We at Flow Right Plumbing have an extensive portfolio of services, which include burner maintenance, repair and inspection and a comprehensive preventative maintenance option too. Some of the details of our top boiler services are outlined here.


  • Our team installs each type of boilers and assist clients seeking residential and commercial services.
  • From simple troubleshooting to installation of full-range boiler systems, our service packages include all such boiler services.
  • We repair all types of electric and gas boilers, retrofit and maintain boiler systems.
  • Our specialist team check and repair low performance boiler systems, replace outdated boiler systems and help clients in finding the right maintenance service for their boiler and heating system.

Boiler Inspection Services

  • Some of our preventive maintenance packages include boiler inspection services performed by our highly qualified service technicians.
  • This inspection includes a thorough check, cleaning and a few tests to ensure that the boiler system in your home is operating at its peak efficiency.
  • Our team always abides the laws and regulations while repairing your boiler system in compliance with the local residential and commercial settings.

Boiler Repair Services

  • If after inspection, it’s determined that your boiler is damaged or needs replacement parts, we can provide immediate boiler repair services which is often much less expensive than replacement.
  • In some cases, boiler repair may be more expensive than replacement. Or your boiler may be too old and not meet the proper standards. In which case, we’re fully licensed and warrantied to install a new boiler for you.

Boiler Cleaning and Retubing

  • We offer a full range of cleaning services to keep your boiler system efficient and running safely.
  • In collaboration with our expert welding team, we provide in-house mechanical piping services that include fabrication and repair of the boiler pipe system.
  • Some of such projects also include on-site custom fabrications and repairs, inspections and tube extractions too.